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A regular and daily exercise pattern is essential for your dog's good health, physical and mental well being. Exercise also helps prevents depression, behavioural issues, joint problems and heart conditions. (According to the National Office of Animal Health)

Dog Walking - One on One
I often get asked "how many dogs do I walk, at any one time". We do not walk our dogs in groups larger than four. We initially walk all new clients one on one, initially. This allows us to get to know your dog and to build up a relationship, first and foremost. To me, this is of utter importance. Thereafter and only if we feel it would be beneficial/requested by the client, we offer the choice to walk your dog in company with other dogs, allowing them to make friends and build confidence (see below).

Dog Walking - One on One, Pairs and up to Four
The best way for your dog to safely enjoy the benefits of walking with another dog is to get in touch with a professional dog walking company such as Cookie's Pet Patrol. We will ensure that your dog is matched with a suitable companion so that they get the most from their walks. From my experience of pairing dogs and keeping to a set routine, the dogs makes friends, grow in confidence and basically look forward to seeing each other for a safe, fun time, play and run around. This allows us to give your dog 100% attention and the undivided loving they deserve. We allow plenty of interaction with other dogs, so as to further encourage their social skills and to allow them to make friends. We also give you plenty of notice and information about the dog(s) we intend to pair your dog up with. We select carefully and for the best interests of all parties involved. It works incredibly well. As always, you will receive text updates after these introductory walks with pictures to follow (see Gallery).

Every dog owner knows how difficult it can be to keep an eye on their own dog, imagine what it is like trying to control more than four! Not to forget clearing up after each dog - being environmentally conscious as me and my team at Cookie's Pet Patrol are, this is an area of concern for us. We keep our dogs on leads for the first part of their walk and certainly until such time that we believe it is appropriate to let them run off their leads. Again, environmentally conscious at all times. Unfortunately not all other dog walkers and owners have the same ethics, leaving some parts of our open spaces in a dreadful and depressing state. One of my other main concerns is the infections and stomach upsets that some of my dogs can contract when eating another dogs mess that hasn't been picked up. I will have my beady eye on your dog at all times and will always do my best to deter them from picking up this habit. A simple and firm 'No' command followed by a treat tends to the trick.

Fights & Bullying
Just as in any group there are dominant characters in a group of dogs and the bigger the group the more likely it is for fights to break out or some of the smaller or more timid dogs to get picked on so that this dominance can be established. At Cookie's Pet Patrol, our dogs know each other and are walked together as a matter of routine. Fights never start or break out in our camp. I do not take on aggressive dogs.

Finally, in accordance with the City of London and Epping Forest District Council byelaws and using powers under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, the DCO (Dog Control Orders) that came in to full force 14 January 2013, specify that no more than four dogs should be walked at any one time and that all dogs' mess should be removed.

On or Off the Lead
As previously mentioned,  an extension lead is used for all our dogs of which provides ample freedom to run and play.
Only once we are satisfied with a dogs recall and with consent from the owner, will a dog be let off the lead. Both methods of walking your dog are satisfactory. Often this comes down to personal preference - as always, we are here to help at Cookie's Pet Patrol.

Home from home
It is a fact that all dogs appreciate a stable routine in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, I offer anything from a 30 minute up to a 1 hour walk from your home, with plenty of fun and loving included. 
Or perhaps a home visit and let out into the garden instead. 

Puppy Visits & Basic Training
Another strong area of concern I have, is the amount of exercise that a puppy requires. I always suggest that you seek advice from your Vet, in the first instance.

See below the Kennel Club's guidelines on this matter;-
Puppies need much less exercise than fully-grown dogs. If you over-exercise a growing puppy you can overtire it and damage its developing joints, causing early arthritis. A good rule of thumb is a ratio of five minutes exercise per month of age (up to twice a day) until the puppy is fully grown, i.e. 15 minutes (up to twice a day) when three months old, 20 minutes when four months old etc. Once they are fully grown, they can go out for much longer.

Please note that basic commands (Heel, Sit, Wait, Stay, Down, Leave, Come etc) are introduced and used from the word go as standard practice and working together as a team, you will see your new recruit responding fantastically. That's a promise... So long as we all work together and stick to the plan!

Car Journeys
In order for your dog to benefit from our beautiful Epping Forest, local nature reserves and the City of London's open fields that Loughton has to offer, a short car journey may sometimes be necessary. The fact that we only operate in Loughton, means any journey is only ever a short one.

Collection and Drop Off
I will collect your dog and have him/her out walking within 5 minutes of collection. I will spend the majority of our time out walking and the remaining time is spent sitting calmly, making up his/her bed, generally settling him/her down, drying him/her off, replenishing water bowls, clearing up any unfortunate mess and when necessary, feeding.

Mud and Water
We do our best to wipe all floors and paws down. During the winter and wet months, washing your dog down to ensure that they are free of mud and towel drying them down is all part of the service. 
I do not charge extra for this. You will return home to a happy and clean dog. 

Walking Locations
I am so lucky to have Epping Forest and the Roding Valley Nature Reserve both on my doorstep. I can never get enough of walking through these beautiful locations, I'm sure your dog will be very happy too.

Obedience Assistance | Dog Training
Any time spent training will be returned to both you and your dog exponentially in terms of a healthy relationship and a harmonious household. Plus and I cannot stress this enough, the relationship I build with your dog will be a safer one for him/her, myself and any other dogs that we come in to contact with.

Basic Reasons Why A Dog Should be Trained:-
Build a Positive Relationship
Teach Life Skills
Increase Sociability
Avoid Problem Behaviors
Loyalty and Companionship

When basic obedience commands and/or further training would be beneficial, I will work to further improve your dog's walking and behavioural habits whilst out walking and to enhance their understanding of roadwork by focusing part of our time on pavements (no extra charge).

Training Classes
I am used to attending puppy training and obedience classes and have solely trained some of my family's many German Shepherds over the years (see Gallery). 
The Kennel Club (see Associations | Charities page for a direct link) can provide a list of training clubs in Essex. I offer a service whereby I will attend a course with your dog, on your behalf - or we can all go together.

Medication & Pet Ambulance
Administering medication and if necessary, a trip to the vet is required. I can take care of these on your behalf.

Last minute or regular. Bookings in advance or even on the back of 5 minute's notice, I will always do my best to accommodate you and your much loved dogs and cats. 

Cancellation Charges 
Cancellation charges are incurred if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Most cats prefer to stay at home, familiar with their surroundings, their established outside territory space and most important of all, their own bed. I will visit your cats once or twice a day, depending on your requirements.
As per the above points (with plenty of playtime included).

For all cat visits and dog walks, the following are included:-
  • Provision of fresh water and food
  • Cleaning of feeding area and bowls
  • Lots of cuddles and playtime
  • Cleaning out litter trays
  • Administering medications
  • Basic grooming
  • Watering plants
  • Bringing in post / Taking out rubbish
  • Home security checks
  • Opening and closing of curtains to make it appear that you are at home
Sarah Cooke / Tele: 07831 178188
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